As the employer:

  • You will save the job of at some men.
  • You work will be more efficient. The Concrete Elephant does not get tired, not even if it works day, evening and night.
  • The Concrete Elephant takes over all the hard-physical work and thereby improves your work environment.
  • Your employees will no longer get worn out by hard physical work – this improves your image as employer. The result of this a less number of (sick days), and you might get contacted by new employees, who wants to work with concrete but doesn’t want to be worn out.
  • Your concrete workers become more loyal and a higher pay won’t attract them to competitors on the industry, who doesn’t use machines like the Concrete Elephant.
  • The probability of getting your work done in time, and by that avoid daily fines increases and. By that, the overall economy for the projects is improved.

As the employee:

  • You’ll get less worn out, and your attitude about work will be more positive.
  • The probability of you being able to work for a longer time in the industry, increases significant.

As employer organization:

  • The productivity in the construction industry increases with a Concrete Elephant on the construction site.
  • The concrete industry becomes more attractive as a result of less hard physical work. – Work smarter, not harder.

As the wokers’ union:

  • You help your members reducing the physical work significant.
  • You help the employers to create better workplaces to your members.
  • You make the concrete industry more attractive for young graduates, which gives an increase in your number of members.

As builder:

The probability that your construction will be completed at the expected time increases.