About Concrete Elephant


The danish truck driver Mogens Bode Jensen is entering the concrete industry. After only 3 months as concrete truck driver, he gets very fascinated by the concrete pump truck and switches to this work assignment. The daily work with concrete hoses and pibes is tearing the physical health and the idea to Concrete Elephant was planted.


Mogens Bode Jensen contacts Fasterholt Maskinfabrik (https://www.fasterholt.dk/en/) and together they invented Concrete Elephant with a particular focus on sustainability, efficiency and elimination of hard physical work with concrete.


The first generation of the Concrete Elephant is rented out in Denmark as a hybrid machine with electricity and fuel. The machine is showing its worth on jobs as casting floors, casting channels, casting meter high foundation block walls, casting high storey buildings, casting low cellars, around corners etc. The contractors and the concrete workers are happily welcoming a machine which takes over the hard-physical work on the construction site.


Fasterholt Maskinfabrik establishes the company FM Construction focusing on the construction industry.


The second generation is going to be accessible in all the biggest cities of Europe. The Concrete Elephant is now only driven by electricity. A new booking system makes it very easy to book the machine with a driver 24/7/365.