Machine facts

Concrete Elephant increases the reach of the concrete pump by 30 meters and runs on wheels, which makes it extremely flexible. 2nd generation, Concrete Elephant, is 100% electric. Therefore drives safely both inside buildings and outside. Concrete Elephant creates a significantly better working environment and thus strengthens the job satisfaction on the construction site! With a Concrete Elephant, you send your employees a clear signal that you do not want to wear them out.

  • Concrete Elephant is 100% electric (Battery + 230v)
  • Coupled with the concrete pump that pumps the concrete through the hose on the Concrete Elephant.
  • 30 meters 4 ″ hose Height: 186 cm. Width: 191 cm. Length: 328 cm.
  • Net weight without concrete in coiled hose: 1360 kg.
  • Concrete in hose: 540 kg.
  • Total weight with concrete in rolled-up hose: 1900 kg.
  • Highest single wheel pressure = 600 Kg.
  • Battery time up to 8 hours, then 230v is connected and the machine can be charged at the same time as concrete is laid out